The InnoSia Group of Companies was founded by Richard L Yang in 1995 to fill a niche in building and developing properties that are innovative in design and competitive for value. For example, in Eden Height Condominiums, options are provided for linking adjacent units for a bigger home, as well as double-story apartments within the high rise building for those who prefer privacy in a two-floor setting.


The Sanctuary Hotel and Shopping Center – the ultimate combination of work and shopping.
The Acapella Acres – Resort style condominium living!
The Horizon Homes: Luxury condominium living with a view of the beautiful South China Sea.
Eden Heights Condominiums – designed to meet the needs of secure and modern condominium living.


Casa Palma Town Homes – large three-story homes to meet the needs of growing families.
Casa Palma Town Homes

The InnoSIA Group is adapting and capitalizing on the cultural conditions and the unique business environment that the company operates in, and has branched into related areas that include entitlements consulting, construction, construction management, leasing, marketing, and sales.

In residential and commercial projects, the InnoSIA Group is focused on developing projects in population growth areas. In this challenging area, the group seeks to reach out to related parties–government authorities, agencies, and land-owners–to reach solutions that maximize the economic returns for all.

Currently, the InnoSIA Group is seeking opportunities beyond its base into other areas that offer attractive and challenging business growth.